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Kate, Batch Manager

500 Startups
Happy to have Ava on board!
Our teams are dealing with the tremendous amount of stress when they are going through the program of 500 startups. And we care about our founders a lot. So now we are so happy the there is somebody who prevents founders from burning out and introduces them technics of personal productivity.

Stan, CEO

Changed the way we treat team!
Our company is leaving in constant dealines and we are performing really well. So my mane consern as a founder is to keep our team from burnout. I was really upset when somebody was leaving our company because of stress at work. Now Ava keeps an eye on it!

Artem, Founder & CEO

We love Ava!
We are also the bot company and we just love the way bots can cnahge some process and bring value. Ava increses engament of our team mates and helps us to be more happy and productive every day in a long term persepctive.

How many employees are there in your company?

$690k you might save per year

Each employee leaves every 10 months. It means that you spend:
~ $20k per year for a new employee + $3k for stress-related sick leave
= $23k per year per employee

$10 montly Ava price per employee

Like the price for 2 cups of coffee

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