mindfulness solution to prevent stress and burn outs

#be aware 500 

are you ready to be one of them? 


How you can use it

#BeAware500 is a 10 week personal development program designed to help you be well and inspired. All activities helps increase your productivity, focus, energy levels, and joy.  Our awareness assistant Ava will help you prevent stress and burnout by bringing together the latest neuropsychology science and ancient yoga practices in a way that is easy to digest and integrate into your busy life.

Be more mindful and in turn more successful.


Discover your productivity style

All of us have different productivity styles. By being aware what's going on with you during the day, and knowing how to balance pressure with relaxation, you can find your the most productive style. This program is a high intensity workout in mind's gym. 

perform on high energy level

Just imagine what you can accomplish in #500 and beyond. Imagine waking up full of energy every day, being motivated and active all day long, and in the evening still having enough energy for your family and friends. 

stay in the FLOW everyday

Think of this program as your own personal research on uniting the power of your mind, body, and emotions to find your flow state. With our inspiration sessions and online assistant help we will practice 12 different skills that will help you to perform at your best. 


12 new skills to train

We created this program based on best leadership competencies models and mindful-based stress reduction training. Combining together latest researches, best practices and mindful techniques we'll help you be aware and find your the most productive flow.   



Spend your time consciously on what’s important to you. Learn to be less distracted. Being here and now eliminates roadblocks to experiencing open flow. 

Dealing With Changes

You'll learn techniques on how to effectively cope with changes. Be able to shift gears comfortably and to decide and act without having the total picture.

You'll learn how to come up with new and unique ideas and make connections between unrelated notions.

Problem Solving

You'll use logical methods to solve difficult problems with effective solutions. Learn to look beyond the obvious and see hidden patterns.  


Optimize your energy
You'll become aware of your body's energy and health, so you can recognize when you feel stagnant and know how to get the energy flowing again. 


You'll be cool under pressure. You'll learn how to not become defensive or irritated when times are tough and flow with this changeable world.

You'll learn how to maintain a conscious balance between work and personal life so that one doesn't dominate the other.

Body & Mind Relaxation

Expect to explore and learn about peace of mind. You will learn how to change your environments to be better for energy and productivity, as well as for relaxation. 



Emotional Awareness
You'll learn how to recognize emotions in yourself and others, and gain the skills to discern between different feelings and labels.


You'll learn how to present yourself and your truth in an appropriate and helpful manner, and how to work with others for common goals. 

Love and Kindness
We'll work with your ability to love yourself, your team, and your life for optimal happiness and productivity.


You'll learn how to genuinely care about people. You'll become more available to the people you work with and demonstrate real empathy with the joys and pains of others.